In the growth of every church, there comes a time to establish a physical home. We believe now is that time for Redgum Church. A home that is not just known by our community but is also part of our community.

1/212 Princes Hwy, Lucknow is a building that we believe could suit our needs for quite a few years to come. It has the room that we need and is also a prime and very visual location.

We have set up a Church Building Fund Account. Our goal is to raise $200,000. This will enable us to apply for a bank loan for the remaining funds and make an offer on this building.

Cash donations would need to fulfill most of that $200,000. However, you can also help by loaning Redgum Church some funds. Here are some examples of how this might work:

  • Cash donation (the most beneficial option for Redgum Church)
  • Interest free loan for set period with definite repayment date (e.g., loan of $50,000 to be repaid on 1/1/2028)
  • Interest free loan with regular repayments (e.g., loan of $50,000 to be repaid in instalments over 10 years)
  • Low interest loan (e.g., 1% interest per annum with a fixed repayment date or regular repayments)
  • Pledge for financial contributions over the next 12 months (for people who will have funds available in coming months, but not now)
  • Combination of cash donation and loan (e.g., part cash and part loan)

Loans would be clearly set out in writing to clarify the arrangement. These options are examples only, and arrangements can be customised to suit individual needs. Please speak with Lauren if you need further information on these options.

It is possible that we will not be ready in time for this building. If this opportunity closes, we will continue to pursue other options and the Building Fund will remain open for donations.

We appreciate your prayerful consideration of how you can contribute to the new home of Redgum Church.


Name: Redgum Church Inc.
BSB: 063501
Account: 10513210