Who We Are

Redgum is people.

A group of people from different backgrounds united together by a common thread.
Together we can make a difference for good in our community and beyond.

Redgum is family.

Our desire is that connecting with Redgum will leave you feeling valued and included, part of the family. It’s a place where you can belong before you believe.

Redgum is growth.

We love that we are a growing family. The more the merrier.
We also believe growing in maturity is important and there are opportunities for this to happen.

But there’s more.

It’s the God factor.
It’s the work of His Spirit in and through our lives.
It’s Jesus at the centre of all we do.  

Hi there,

As lead pastors at Redgum, we are committed to investing the rest of our life’s energies and resources to seeing people healed, made whole and living the incredible life that God intends for them. It’s not just our dream, it’s His.

If you have any questions about Redgum or about what we believe, our personal mobile number is 0412 523 076. We would love to hear from you.

Lex and Coral